Why not attend the 1st Annual Nashwaak MusicFest and enjoy great music and celebrate the river!!!

Nashwaak Music Festival is offering a complete 3 day package for a great price ($40)!
25 groups and artists
free on-site camping
opportunity to jam with main-stage & local musicians in the Jam Tent
an artist village
giant childrens play area
variety of foods
water fun in the Nashwaak

Mike Arnold (of Hardcore Troubadour fame) provided some insight into the festival he has founded together with Fred McNeil.

As a music lover and after attending a few festivals Mike got some ideas of how he’d like to do things and he wanted to provide something new for the area. Fred McNeil from Durham Bridge shares Mike’s love for music & the outdoors and he owns a 27 acre field! Since partnering they have been surprised by the involvement and help they’ve received from the local community – everything from heavy machinery, a stage frame, carpentry, advertising, and overall general support. They’ve learned that they could NOT do this without everyone involved!

Their formula for establishing a great music festival
= (tons of work X 2) + (multi-tasking X 3)
The stage is almost ready!

this is what I consider MY dream vacation. We hope everyone will feel that way when they’re here
– Mike Arnold

Featuring Rock Island Blues Band, Ryan Cook, Jens Jeppesen, Modern Grass Quartet, Southern Drive, Three Troubs, Grasse Roots, Where Rivers Meet, Glamour Puss, Mike Biggar, Backroads, Sissy and the Hobos, Steve Waylon, Jon Soderman Band and more!!!