Yes Friends, it is that time again! The best time of the year! The air is cooler, days are shorter, we are all slipping back into routines and summer vacations are but a memory. But do not despair! because this time next week our pretty little city will be wrapped up in sights and sounds that come but once a year and must be savoured!! The Harvest Jazz and Blues Festival is right around the corner! Who else got excited driving down Regent Street tonight to see the big white tent we call MOJO standing up night and tall right there in Officers’ Square. Soon enough the streets will be painted in purple music notes and people will be milling around downtown Fredericton right from Tuesday to Sunday. There will be baby strollers, dogs, bikers, walkers, wheel chairs and wagons. Friends and family coming in from neighbouring provinces and around the world. Perfect opportunity to reconnect with folks we haven’t seen since last year. And floating in and through all of this there will be MUSIC! We will be treated to sweet harmonies, loud guitars, thumpin’ drums, soulful voices, and so much more. There will literally be something for everyone. The buskers will take their places on every street corner in downtown and the streets will be closed to encourage you and I to wander about easily to enjoy the sights and sounds.

I have already mentioned that I’m anxiously awaiting the Avett Brothers show at the Blues Tent early on Friday evening. Another act I’m really looking forward to seeing is Charles Bradley & his Extraordinaires. His story is inspirational and his appearance at Harvest coincides with the release of the documentary film Charles Bradley: Soul of America.

Rusted Root is new to me but I’ve been told this is a group not to miss. Taken from the Harvest bio on these guys –“the quintessential live band” and for over twenty years, this merry band of multi-instrumentalists have drawn on the tradition of post-hippie party music of The Grateful Dead and Phish to create catchy, dance-yer-ass-off jam-heavy rock with percussion influences from Africa, the Middle East, and Latin America.

I could sit here all night and post something about all the people I’m looking forward to hearing like Matt Anderson, Ross Neilsen, Keb ‘Mo, Big Head Todd and the Monsters, Grand Theft Bus, Kathleen Edwards, David Myles, Roland Gauvin, etc, etc….. but I won’t gp that far. So I don’t expect to sleep much next week but I do expect to experience some wonderful musical moments with my friends and all the other music lovers in this town.

Where will I find you? Which show are you most excited to see?