I’ve been thoroughly enjoying the spring weather these last couple days and as the snow disappears and the sun beams stronger I am reinvigorated in my passion for the live music experience. Time to come out of hibernation!

I traveled to Portland, Maine with some good friends last weekend to see Todd Snider in concert. I have to assume many of you have not yet heard of him since he doesn’t often make the mainstream radio playlists however I suggest you look him up if you appreciate the real deal in a songwriting storyteller. He has toured and performed extensively with John Prine and has released 14+ albums since 1994. I could go on and list his successes but what I really wanted to mention was how moved I was by experiencing his live show. I shed tears and busted out laughing throughout the two full sets he performed for us. On the trip home we discussed what made it such a great show and agreed it was filled with intention. He intentionally set the stage for the show with flowers, incense and decorative art. He was present in his performance and authentic with his audience. These are the qualities that hook me and why I continue to seek out a live music experience as often as possible.

sissy @ jj

In my quest for opportunity to participate in that exchange of energy between musician and audience, I will be at the James Joyce Irish Pub on Thursday night to enjoy the offerings of local musicians Sissy & the Hobos and featuring Josh Bravener. Sissy & the Hobos are a collaboration of talented musicians providing beautiful harmonies and originality in their performance. With the Guitar brothers adding even more energy and creativity, Sissy is sizzling and receiving well deserved accolades. Josh Bravener delivers an enthusiastic performance and is excited about his recent recording and looking forward to the release of his first album. You can expect to hear both creative covers and well crafted originals from both bands and they always show up to entertain their audience!

The measure of a good musical experience for me is ‘Did the music evoke any emotions? Did I feel anything?” It might be feelings of joy, being lonesome, or triumph but if I felt something than the artist has succeeded in my mind. It is an awesome craft to put the right words with the right music to the right timing to evoke an emotion and provide a wide range of people with something they can relate to. In my opinion, these guys are succeeding and I want you to experience them for yourself!