If you go out just once this week, make it down to Dolan’s Pub on Wednesday night in support of Terry Gorman! Terry has worked on tech crew for Signature Sound for 15 years – if you have seen a show or played on a stage done by Signature, then odds are Terry was a huge part of making it all happen.
He is now fighting the battle of his life and his friends are helping fundraise to cover medical and living expenses.


In exchange for your donation you will be served up some fantastic music by the following 4 great bands:

Sugar Bomb – A 6-piece musical party bringing about the joyful revival of the dynamo sound – MOTOWN & SOUL.


Mountain Chicken Loud! Rock and Roll Countrified Folk Blues sort of stuff
mc 2
The Belle ComediansMelodic folk rock from Fredericton with a lot of heart, some drunken bravado and more than enough melodies to keep their hybrid sound afloat.
and Dolan’s very own Late Night Orchestra will top off the night!