I know I’ll be going straight out to try and catch as much music as possible this weekend. It means criss-crossing the city a few times but its gonna be worth it! Where will I see you?

Tomorrow night FredRock starts at the Northside Rugby grounds and runs 3 nights – Friday, Saturday and Sunday. Check out this lineup!


Also tomorrow night (Friday) Steve Poltz is playing at Cedar Tree Café. I’ve seen this guy a couple times at Stan Rogers Folk Festival and he is a great entertainer. Don’t miss your chance to experience his live show for yourself!

Saturday afternoon, in Officers’ Square, The Belle Comedians will delight you with their sounds between 1:00-2:00pm. Keep your fingers crossed for dry weather!

Saturday night the Fredericton Playhouse is the place to find the legendary Steve Earle and the Dukes . I first saw Steve perform solo in support of his album Jerusalem, second time I saw him was at the Playhouse 2 years ago with a full band. In both cases I was sufficiently impressed! He is an incredible songwriter and has no problem articulating himself and sharing his opinions. I assume he enjoyed his time at the Playhouse as much as I did and that’s why he’s back!

And that is just some of the music happening around town. Be sure to check out the blog calendar to see what else is happening. Its a perfect weekend to get out there – the city is offering up folk, roots, rock’n’roll, metal and more!

I’d also like to wish everyone at Messtival and Lunenburg Folk Festival a super great weekend too!