Petunia returns to Fredericton this Wednesday, April 23 for an all ages show at the Cedar Tree Cafe 

Taken from his website bio page  –
With a piercing gaze, Petunia looks into the collective soul of the audience, then launches into some high and lonesome vocals that conjure up the ghost of Jimmie Rodgers … Petunia defies convention and yet there is some conservancy to his music. His honest, cut to the heart songwriting and multi-syllabic narratives would leave a lesser singer tongue-tied and breathless. I know, I’ve tried it. One of the many themes running through Petunia’s lyrics relates to living life on one’s own terms – fearlessly and without regret…”

And doesn’t this description intrigue you?
wing inflected-ragtime-goodtime-thunderously rolling-one-of-a-kind-you-don’t-want-to-miss-this-sort-of-a-show

If you have not yet experienced Petunia for yourself be sure not to miss this opportunity. I first discovered him as a street busker during Harvest Jazz & Blues Festival singing Hank Williams Sr. songs and have been a fan ever since.

Doors open at 6:00pm for dinner. Kitchen closes and show starts at 7:30pm. $10 at the door.