“The Best International Festival Experience on Canada’s East Coast!”

The tents are up in downtown Fredericton and the excitement is definitely in the air! I spent some time this afternoon with the Harvest Jazz & Blues Festival Volunteer Committee folding t shirts in preparation for this weeks big event. It would probably surprise most people to know that the Harvest has approximately 1,200 volunteers to prepare for! That takes a tremendous amount of coordinating and a whole lot of effort! I am amazed at the dedication of so many volunteers to make this event happen in such a fantastic way each year for 24 years now. Please be sure to thank all the volunteers you see this week – they will be wearing their green or purple t shirts! Without them we just wouldn’t have this much fun every September!

As a way of getting ready for the very full week ahead, I want to share as much information in one place as possible to make sure you are on top of your game. This will involve a lot of ‘click‘ options  so here we go…

First important link is for the full schedule in PDF format  – click here
For a list of the FREE shows – click here or for the PDF version – click here
To see who is playing at the bars & restaurants downtown – click here and check the Pubs & Clubs section 
To check on availability of tickets – click here

social hubAs a lead up, I previously prepared a few posts for the Fredericton Tourism Town Square Social Hub Blog and you can find them here, here and here if interested.

Simply follow the music notes on the sidewalks and enjoy the cool vibe in downtown Fredericton happening all week longl! If you haven’t already experienced the Harvest Jazz & Blues Festival for yourself, I hope you will consider making this your year to do so.

I am looking forward to seeing many artists, known and unknown to me, including Ruthie Foster – here is a sample of what we can expect from her:

Another FREE show taking place over the weekend is the Hospice House Buskers Stage, which you will find at the corner of Regent St & Church Hill Row. Their line-up looks like this:

Thurs Sept 11thHospice House
5:30 Keith Reece
6:00 Liz & Tom Whidden
6:30 Carol Wakeham & Maryanne Davies
7:00 Bunny Love

Fri Sept 12th
5:30 Priestman St. Ensemble
6:00 Free to Grow
6:30 Paula Tozer
7:00 Cory Hill

Sat Sept 13th
10:00 Brigid’s Feast
10:30 George St. Quartet
11:00 Jake Melanson
11:30 Brittany McEachern
12:00 Make Africa Proud Dance Troop

I’ll be looking for you on the streets, in the tents, in the bars and everywhere in between! Be sure to say hello!

May the Music Run Through You this week!