Music/Musique NB (MNB) is a provincial music industry association that provides a support network for musicians, managers, and businesses that are involved in the creation of music within the province of New Brunswick.

MNB Festival arrives in Fredericton this week with events Thursday – Sunday. What is MNB Festival? It is an event divided into three main parts – Conference, Showcases and an Awards Gala. The conference provides career development opportunities for artists and music industry professionals. The showcases are open to the public and a chance for these great NB artists to show off what they got! The details on shows can be found by clicking here and I have listed out the events below. The Awards Gala will name the 2014 winners and give recognition to all NB artists.

You will have a chance to hear many of NB’s most talented, hard-working artists playing in the city this week. Many are hometown heroes such as The Olympic Syphonium, Sissy & the Hobos, Force Fields, Tristan Horncastle, Katherine Moller, Sleepy Driver, Motherhood and others. I hope you take the opportunity to get out and support them in their efforts and I wish each of them all the best in their careers.

Schedule of shows open to the public: (for ticket information click here)
THURSDAY, October 16:
7:00 pm – Opening Night at Charlotte Street Arts Centre with: The Olympic Symphonium, Cédric Vieno, Motion Ensemble
9:00 pm – MNB Festival at Wilser’s Room with: Force Fields, les Paiens, elephant skeletons

FRIDAY, October 17:
7:00 pm – Roots Room at Charlotte Street Arts Centre with: Jessica Rhaye, Shawn Ferguson, Katherine Moller
9:00 pm – MNB Festival at Wilser’s Room with: Earthbound Trio, Eastcoast Love Story, Wanabi Farmeur
9:00 pm – Sappy Stage at The Elk’s Club with: Julie Doiron, Jon McKiel, Motherhood, Weird Lines
9:00 pm – MNB Festival at James Joyce Irish Pub with: Tristan Horncastle, Mike Biggar, Tomato/tomato, Shaun LeBlanc
10:00 pm – MNB Festival at The Capital with: The Waking Night, 60 LPs, Kill Chicago, Mayors

SATURDAY, October 18:
7:00 pm – Roots Room at Charlotte Street Arts Centre with: Thom Swift, Sissy & The Hobos, Ryan Leblanc
9:00 pm – MNB Festival at James Joyce Irish Pub with: Sleepy Driver, John Boulay Duo, Joey Robin Haché, Denny Breau
9:00 pm – MNB Festival Gets Loud! at The Elk’s Club with: Hard Charger, Hero’s Last Rite,Little You Little Me, The Cauldron Project
9:00 pm – MNB Festival at Wilser’s Room with: The Trick, Jonah Hache, Kam Speech
10:00 pm – MNB Festival at The Capital with: The Motorleague, She Roars!, Beach Body
10:00 pm – ECMA stage at The Boyce Farmer’s Market with: Jenn Grant, Tim Chaisson, The BackYard Devils

SUNDAY, October 19:
12:00 noon – MNB Festival Gala Awards at The Boyce Farmers Market featuring: Sleepy Driver, Jessica Rhaye, Les Hôtesses d’Hilaire, Cédric Vieno, Earthbound Trio, Motherhood

It doesn’t feel right to do a post without including music but how do I choose? I’ll go with local favourites playing Opening Night, The Olympic Symphonium. Enjoy!