1964829_10153138003373363_5818078596462252079_nFredericton’s own Sleepy Driver will deliver a special show to celebrate the 10 years they have been making music together. The full band does not perform often so their fans know not to miss an opportunity to see them live. Members include Barry Hughes (drums & vocals), Mike Hatheway (bass), John Heinstein (keys), Ethan Young-Lai (guitar), Peter Hicks (vocals & guitar) and Dave Palmer (pedal steel).

I asked Peter what their fans can expect from the night?

Sleepy Driver has been at it for about ten years now, from being a humble three-piece combo all the way to the existing six-member band. Ten years is an accomplishment. We think that’s worth celebrating, and can’t think of a better way than to play our debut album ‘Steady Now‘ from start to finish. Largely because that’s what introduced most people to us. Of course we’ll also dig deep into our other albums. We’re also very proud to have to have Juanita Bourque join us on Friday. She’ll open the night with Shane Guitar then lend her voice to our set. It’s going to be a great night of music.”

The band has a solid foundation of songwriting and creates an alternative roots rock that is a formidable blend of college rock, blues, and old school country. Their sound is dark yet optimistic, gritty and honest with a healthy respect for tradition, full of dynamics, subtlety and noise.

According to the Facebook event this show is now SOLD OUT! and all indications lead me to think this event is something we will be talking about for a long time. I hope you were wise and picked up your tickets early!

See you at the James Joyce Pub!