Eric Clapton RAH 2015 - Wheres Eric FINALWhat do you get when you combine one of the greatest concert venues in the world with a birthday celebration? Eric Clapton at the Royal Albert Hall in London last Friday night!

Clapton turns seventy this year and is holding a series of concerts in New York and London to celebrate.
People come to hear the hits and Eric delivered.
Best songs of the night : Wonderful Tonight and an acoustic version of Layla.
Best guitar solo of the night was a tie between I Shot the Sheriff and Crossroads.
I’ve seen Clapton a number of times and this is the first time I’ve heard him play Tears from Heaven.
You could have heard a pin drop in the hall. I’m sure everyone in the hall was thinking about Eric’s son and also the death this week of BB King, a strong influence to Clapton’s music. It is maybe also a sign that Eric has recognized his advancing years.
How did it end? with a rousing version of Cocaine which had the entire venue dancing in the aisles.

What this all goes to show is that even at seventy, ‘Old Slowhand’ can still deliver.

Live fom London,

Thank you Blake! We appreciate you taking the time to share your thoughts on the show.

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