After 20 awesome years Mark Roberts’ East Coast Music Show is coming to an end and we will be celebrating with great local music at Dolan’s on Wednesday!

Mark Celebrations

“Well after twenty years, the Mark Roberts East Coast Music Show is coming to an end. Much has changed in that time…starting with the music, how it’s purchased and consumed, and radio itself. So I’ve had my time. So many highlights over 20 years….I was nominated nine times for an East Coast Music Award (ECMA) award (never won one, leading to my nickname…the Susan Lucci of Fredericton!) I went to the ECMA’s at least 15 times in cities all over Atlantic Canada. One of the best was here in Fredericton when I had my own showcase at Dolan’s with acts like the Trews, Dave Gunning, Wintersleep, Charlie A’ Court and many many more. Dolan’s was packed all weekend. Been fortunate to have interview hundred of performers. Sunday June 28th will be the last show (#962)…and since the show airs twice on Sundays, that means over 19 hundred hours of 100% east coast music on the radio.”

I don’t want to let the occasion pass without mentioning how much Mark’s show has meant to both the musicians and fans on the east coast scene. The East Coast Music Show provided a place for bands to share their new work and a platform on which to establish themselves seriously in the music industry. This program did a lot to shine a light on our home grown talent and it will be missed. We will all have to work harder to fill the gap by promoting & supporting local musicians through all available avenues.

Mark & I have become friends in big part because of his support of local musicians. I was working with a local band when I invited him to come out to hear them in hopes he would promote them. He met his wife that night and that same band played his wedding! Music is powerful stuff!

For those who might not know, Mark released an album a few years back titled Kid from the Shore. He is a gifted songwriter and he had a stellar lineup of local musicians play on the album. As I recall his CD release party at Dolan’s was a whole lot of fun! The album is available on iTunes and you can pick up your own copy by clicking here.


It is only right that a farewell bash is being held Wednesday, June 24th at Dolan’s starting at 7pm, featuring Peter Hicks, Tangled Traditions, the Rockin’ Billies, Mark Roberts and the Shore Road Drifters and more…..

I’m sure it will be a great time and I’m sure we’ll be talking about the ECMS and it’s farewell bash for a long time to come.

THANKS MARK! See you soon!