Officer’s Square that is 🙂

The Maritime CountryFest organizers put together a great lineup and Mother Nature provided a perfect summer day by which to enjoy it all!

The grounds were well set up to manage the flow of traffic and the volunteers worked well as a team and always had a smile to share. Thanks!

Unfortunately I was only able to catch the last two performances of the day but wow! They were amazing and the crowd was definitely enjoying every minute. Signature Sound did a fine job of getting the levels just right and the sound was great throughout Officer’s Square.

Roadhammers collage 2
The Road Hammers (and me)

The Road Hammers were even better than I expected. They delivered a very professional show. Super talented and very entertaining as they covered the entire stage and actually climbed the rigging at one point. They did a great job of making Fredericton feel special by throwing in the city name and commenting on the beauty of the East Coast several times.

JR_CountryFest FB
photo from Maritime CountryFest Facebook page

Johnny Reid was impressive even before hitting the stage. The stage was transformed with risers used by the 12 musicians performing with Johnny and all draped in what looked like silk. The draping served for some dramatic and interesting lighting. He had a 4 piece horn section, 2 guitar players, mandolin/fiddler, keyboardist and 2 backup singers. It was impressive both visually and in sound. Great musicians and a little throw back to the big band shows. His many love songs made for a romantic setting and had many couples swaying to the sounds. He had played in Scotland the night before and yet didn’t seem to short change us on performance for even a minute. In fact friends of mine got married Saturday and were in the Royal suite at the Delta hotel where Johnny was also staying and he agreed to stop in for pictures. He likely made their special occasion just that much more memorable.

My sappy heart was moved just a bit when Johnny broke out with his song Change the World so I’m sharing a version here for you to enjoy –

I never grow tired of the live music experience and this festival reminded me how much it means to us all in all its formats. There was a great exchange of energy between performer and patron – regardless of age or whether sitting or dancing. Looking around this large crowd and seeing so many sing along left me smiling and appreciative of the moment.

CountryFest 2015_portopotty pals
porta potty pals

I wanted to give a shout out to these fellas who made our wait in the porta potty line much more entertaining in their attempts to jump the line. Thanks!

ps – my battery ran out before Johnny’s set and that is why I borrowed a picture from the MCF page.