AndyBrownAndy Brown is coming home to Fredericton to celebrate the release of his third album, Seasons. Recorded at Echo Lake with producer Daniel Ledwell, Seasons is Brown’s most thoughtful recording to date. “Seasons bleed into one another without realizing time has passed. The songs on the album centre around this idea. If we sit idly by and watch the seasons change around us, something or somebody can be gone forever,” says Brown. “Working with Daniel was a truly amazing experience. I couldn’t be happier.” The album also features Jenn Grant, Kinley Downing of Hey Rosetta! and Australia’s Dylan Wright.

We were able to connect with Andy to discuss his latest release:
1. How did your experience of recording your new album (Seasons) with Daniel Ledwell compare to your last album?
Working with Daniel Ledwell on this album was a truly amazing experience. Not only is he a great producer with very unique ideas, he is also an incredibly talented musician and basically the nicest guy in the music business. Essentially, the recording experience of ‘Seasons’ differed from my last album ‘Tinman’ with regards to the fact that this time around, there was more of a focus on concrete ideas. I like to throw as many ideas at the wall as possible, and on ‘Tinman’ a lot of them stuck. But with ‘Seasons’, we tried to be a bit more sparse… a bit more calculated in our approach. Coupled with the fact that I had the privilege of working with such talented artists on this album, I couldn’t be happier.

2. Now that you are touring so extensively all over the world, how do you feel about coming home to perform?
No matter where I’m at out on the road, I never forget the place that I call home. I loved growing up in New Brunswick, and find that when I’m away from it for too long, I miss everything about it! The people, the trees… the beer. Not to mention the fact that it has the such a great music community. I love playing here. And I always will.

3. What would you like people to know about your new album?
When I’m writing a song, I like to start with a vocal melody and a couple of key words, and build the guitar structure around that. Once I have a few words or phrases, and a guitar riff that I’m happy with, it’s time to really dive emotionally headfirst into the lyrics. Sometimes, songs finish quickly, and other times, they take years. And even then, very few of them ever see the light of day. Also, I only try to write when I’m feeling inspired. If I feel like I’m forcing it, that’s when the acoustic goes back in the case.

4. Who did you give the 1st copy of the new album to?
My Mom and Dad 🙂

Andy’s success includes having his music featured on ABC (Rookie Blue), NBC (Saving Hope), CTV, Global TV, Showcase, and CBC (Heartland, The Phantoms), and he’s earned a slew of International songwriting awards and nominations.

Join the celebration this Thursday night at 8Pm at the Charlotte Street Arts Centre. His last Fredericton show sold out and this show likely will too!

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