Get yourself to the Charlotte Street Arts Centre on Thursday! The tireless troubadour Fred Eaglesmith is parking his travelling show for the night and you don’t want to miss it. Fred is a Canadian alternative country singer-songwriter raised in a farming family in Ontario. At 15 he hopped a freight train out West and began writing songs and performing. He has put out 20 albums over 30+ years and continues to deliver 200+ performances a year!

He is known for writing songs about machines or vehicles, including songs about trains, tractors, trucks, cars, and engines. Rural life, dogs, guns, drinking and farming/ranching are other common themes. Many of his songs are about failing farms and small businesses. Down and out characters dealing with loss of love or livelihood, and quirky rural folk also populate his songs. 

Tickets are almost gone so do not hesitate – get your tickets HERE

Plan to get to Charlotte Street Arts Centre early (5-8PM) to enjoy Picaroons’ Harvest Ale Celebration – hang out with their favourite farmer friends, sample various batches of this year’s Harvest Ale, eat some Harvest Grub from Real Food Connections and Milda’s, and take in some Harvest tunes being served up by Josh Bravener! This is a free event, no admission is required.