MRTI billboard sign

MONDAY October 19:
9:00pm – Open Mic w/Greg Brewer, Mexicali Rosa’s
10:00pm – Open Mic w/Greg Perry, Tribute Bar & Lounge

TUESDAY October 20:
7:00pm – Jesse Parent, Grimross Brewing Co.
8:00pm – JULY TALK, Boyce Farmers Market
10:00pm – Open Mic w/Richie Gloade, Wilser’s Room

WEDNESDAY October 21:
7:00pm – JY’s Music Circle, Fredericton City Club
9:00pm – The Pick Brothers & Keegan Dobbelstyn, The Capital (Pre-Pop)
10:00pm – Dub Antenna (Reggae), Wilser’s Room
10:00pm – Dolan’s Jam w/the Late Night Orchestra, Dolan’s Pub

THURSDAY October 22:
6:30pm – Open Mic w/George Melanson, Sour Grape (Oromocto)
7:30pm – Jeunesses Musicales du Canada, Centre communautaire Sainte-Anne
8:00pm – Peter Katz, Wilser’s Room (Pre-Pop)
10:00pm – Walrus, Grounders & guests, The Capital (Pre-Pop)
10:00pm – Satori, Dolan’s Pub

FRIDAY October 23:
7:30pm – Caroline Savoie, Centre communautaire Sainte-Anne
9:00pm – Alexander Campbell & Daniel Beaudin @ Hollywood Star Room
10:00pm – Satori, Dolan’s Pub
10:30pm – Les Hotesse D’Hilaire & Language Arts, The Capital (Pre-Pop)

SATURDAY October 24:
11:00am – Charity Brunch w/Tom McAvity, Vault 29
2-5:00pm – Octoberfest w/Black Forest Band, Capital Exhibit Centre
7:00pm – Rag’n’Bone, Ringo’s
7:00pm – Octoberfest w/Black Forest Band, Capital Exhibit Centre
9:00pm – Sleepy Driver, James Joyce Irish Pub
10:00pm – Cancer Bats, The Cellar Pub
10:00pm – Satori, Dolan’s Pub
10:00pm – Crosss & Year of Glad, The Capital (Pre-Pop)

SUNDAY October 25:
8:00pm – Dear Rouge, Fast Romantics & David In The Dark, The Capital