sleepyWe should never pass up a chance to see Sleepy Driver live! Whether it’s due to conflicting busy schedules or simply because they like to leave us wanting more -these guys only play a few shows a year and we’ll always regret if we miss it.

Built on the solid foundation of front-man Peter Hicks’ songwriting, SLEEPY DRIVER melds traditional and progressive musical influences together to create a truly original blend of songs which lurch with schizophrenic grace between sweetly tender ballads to darkly hopeful songs about life’s wrong turns.

Their sound is something different than anything else I’m hearing in Fredericton and the musicality is top notch. Check out the line-up: Barry Hughes – drums and vocals; Mike Hatheway – bass; John Heinstein – keys; Ethan Young-Lai – guitar; Peter Hicks – vocals and guitar Dave Palmer – pedal steel.

ignatiousPeter’s songwriting evokes some great imagery and is thought provoking. The melodies and harmonies always make me want to sing along – to participate! Their shows invite you in like a warm house on a cold night and you want to contribute to the vibe and to keep it going as long as possible. There will be some singing along, dancing, occasional fist pumping, swaying arm-in-arm with friends (old & new) and laughter (have you met Barry?!). You’ll be talking about this exchange of energy for a long time and you’ll anxiously be awaiting their next show.

So don’t miss it! I’ll meet you at the James Joyce Pub on Saturday night (Oct 24th) at 8PM and we’ll have ourselves a time! 🙂