The next show in the Music Runs Through It series presents JOSH BRAVENER on Thursday, Nov 5th @ 7:30pm at Corked Wine Bar

For such a young man Josh writes with great depth. Drawing on his own experiences, family stories and observations of his surroundings. The lyrics are insightful and the melodies and licks catchy. He is gifted with a way to draw in his audience (regardless their age) with his story telling and performance. He does not deliver his songs the same way twice so every show is fresh. His energy is infectious and he does not encourage passive listening – you will be invited to participate and you’ll be happy to do so. He is a force! and one everyone should be paying attention to. I cannot wait to see where his career will take him but I feel sure we’ll be saying ‘we knew him when…’

“Bravener’s ability to re-write old songs with his seasoned voice and finger-style guitar work keeps crowds glued to his every move.”

His band – The Hypochondriacs  – is a trio of power. Aaron Bravener is easily one of the best drummers in the city and everyone’s favourite to watch as he always delivers a passionate performance. The bond of brothers is strong and serves to strengthen every performance. Jamie Guitar holds down the low end on bass, both electric and upright, bringing energy to the stage that cannot be overlooked. Having toured across Canada & beyond his upright skills and rockabilly slap set him apart from the rest. This outfit is building momentum and it’s fun to watch.

Josh poster_updatedThe show at Corked Wine Bar will provide us an opportunity to hear this stripped down version of the trio in a remarkably intimate setting. Having seen The Hypochondriacs at the Capital last Friday night in their full-out loud & proud format I was again amazed at their strength as a unit. The quality of their original material stands up regardless what compared to. I love those full-out shows but appreciate the chance to get up-close &  personal in this setting.

You don’t want to miss this unique opportunity! Tickets still available at Corked Wine Bar and Tony’s Music Box.