MRTI billboard sign

MONDAY December 7:
9:00pm – Open Mic w/Greg Brewer, Mexicali Rosa’s
9:30pm – Erimha / Killitorous / The Apex / Green Lung Grinders, The Capital
10:00pm – Open Mic w/Greg Perry, Tribute Bar & Lounge

TUESDAY December 8:
10:00pm – Open Mic w/Richie Gloade, Wilser’s Room

WEDNESDAY December 9:
7:00pm – JY’s Music Circle, Fredericton City Club
9:00pm – FUNRAISE for Syrians w/The Elwins + David In The Dark + Oak, Ask & Thorn, The Capital
10:00pm – Dub Antenna (Reggae), Wilser’s Room
10:00pm – Dolan’s Jam w/the Late Night Orchestra, Dolan’s Pub

THURSDAY December 10:
6:30pm – Open Mic w/George Melanson, Sour Grape (Oromocto)
8:00pm – Matthew Good w/Scott Helman, Exhibit Centre
9:00pm – Sam Rhoads / Kahler Legacy, The Capital
10:00pm – Ten Mile House, Dolan’s Pub

FRIDAY December 11:
8:00pm – Legacy Gray, Pier 23 Ramada
8:00pm – Ben Caplan, Wilmot Church
9:00pm – Ozzmosis: A Tribute Ozzy Osbourne & Black Sabbath (Early Show), The Capital
10:00pm – Ten Mile House, Dolan’s Pub
11:30pm – Brother / Zach Mazerkawitz (Late Show), The Capital

SATURDAY December 12:
7:00pm – Mike Peters, Ringo’s
8:00pm – Great Lake Swimmers, Wilmot Church
8:00pm – Crosscut Blues Band, Wilser’s Room
10:00pm – Ten Mile House, Dolan’s Pub
10:00pm – Cellarghost / Sentimentals / David In The Dark / Brookside Mall, The Capital

SUNDAY December 13:
2:00pm – Sugar Bomb, Snooty Fox