MusicRunsThrougIt_weekly listing

MONDAY January 25:
9:00pm – Open Mic w/Greg Brewer, Mexicali Rosa’s
10:00pm – Open Mic w/Greg Perry, Tribute Bar & Lounge

TUESDAY January 26:
7:00pm – Doug Gallant & Family, Sour Grape (Oromocto)
10:30pm – Open Mic w/Richie Gloade, Wilser’s Room

WEDNESDAY January 27:
7:00pm – JY’s Music Circle, Fredericton City Club
7:30pm – Open Mic w/Nelson Milley, Sour Grape (Oromocto)
7:30pm – Peter Willie Youngtree, Grimross Brewing Co.
10:00pm – FEELSGOOD: Arts & Craft night, Wilser’s Room
10:00pm – Dolan’s Jam w/the Late Night Orchestra, Dolan’s Pub

THURSDAY January 28:
6:30pm – Billy Middlemas, Sour Grape (Oromocto)
10:00pm – Shaydid, Dolan’s Pub

FRIDAY January 29:
5:00pm – 5 à 7 avec John Boulay et Sébastien Boudreau, Tribute Bar & Lounge
7:30PM – SULTANS OF STRING, Corked Wine Bar
7:30pm -Ross Neilsen, Lansdowne House Concerts
7:30pm – Alex Green & the falling leaves / Michelle Morrison, Grimross Brewing
10:00pm – Shaydid, Dolan’s Pub
10:30pm – Dischord / Hero’s Last Rite / Spinesplitter, The Capital

SATURDAY January 30:
3:00pm – Ray, Glen & Mike Trio, Thirsty Boot (Crabbe Mountain)
5:00pm – By The Fire with Josh Bravener, Officers’ Square
7:30pm -Ross Neilsen, Lansdowne House Concerts
8:00pm – Maggie’s Farm Revival, Wilser’s Room
10:00pm – Shaydid, Dolan’s Pub
10:30pm – Nancy Pants & Julie Doiron, The Capital

SUNDAY January 31:
2:00pm – Chris McKhool’S FIDDLEFIRE, The Playhouse