MusicRunsThrougIt_weekly listing

MONDAY September 26:
9:00pm – Open Mic w/Greg Brewer, Mexicali Rosa’s
10:00pm – Open Mic w/Greg Perry, Tribute Bar & Lounge

TUESDAY September 27:
10:00pm – Open Mic w/Richie Gloade, Wilser’s Room

WEDNESDAY September 28:
7:00pm – JY’s Music Circle, Fredericton City Club
7:30pm – Roberts Hall / Rory Taillon / Brooklyn Doran, Grimross Taproom
10:00pm – Dub Antenna, Wilser’s Room
10:30pm – Dolan’s Jam w/the Late Night Orchestra, Dolan’s Pub

scTHURSDAY September 29:
7:30pm – Marty Haggard, The Playhouse
8:00pm – Scott Cook, Corked Wine Bar

10:00pm – Certified, Dolan’s Pub

FRIDAY September 30:
5:00pm – Adam et elle (Adam Robichaud et Sophie Lacroix), Tribute Lounge
10:00pm – Certified, Dolan’s Pub
10:30pm – BA Johnston/Outtacontroller/Beard Sprinstein, The Capital

SATURDAY October 1:
7:00pm – Mark Currie, Ringo’s Bar & Grill
10:00pm – Certified, Dolan’s Pub
10:30pm – Jessie Brown/Mrs. Hippie/Electromagnetic Blues Band, The Capital