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UPCOMING add-on shows

Erin CostelloThursday, November 16 (Wilser’s Room)
Erin Costelo is an artist who is mining the truth – through writing, arranging, producing and masterful live performance. With a voice unlike any other in Canada she has the ability to successfully float between genres and stages, her unwavering vision continuously offering the best sound and voice to a feeling, idea or story.

Sleepy Driver CD ReleaseFriday, Nov 24 & Saturday, Nov 25 (Charlotte Street Arts Centre)
Celebrating the release of their latest full-length “Sugar Skull” with TWO nights of music at the Charlotte Street Arts Centre with special guests. On Friday Sleepy will be joined by drummer Karl Gans (Ross Neilsen’s Sufferin’ Bastards), Tina Gaudreau (Mad Mary), Jonnie Price (Sugarbomb, Dapper Dan), and TC Richards & Adam Johnson (8 Track Mind). Then on Saturday night, see Sleepy joined by Juanita Bourque (Sissy & The Hobos), Kendra Gale, Gary Morehouse and Ross Beckett (The Walking Contradictions).

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